Providing a child an opportunity for a better life.

Every child around the world is in need of something more than just food and water. They need someone who will care for them and provide them with opportunities for a better life. OneThirty Sponsorship was created to bridge the gap between ideas and action in meeting these needs.

For thirty dollars a month, your support provides life-changing opportunities such as:

● Daily meals
● Clean water
● An opportunity for education
● Medical care
● A safe environment to grow

We work hand in hand with the orphanages and schools that care for these impoverished kids.

Our relationship with them gives us the ability to visit and see first hand how a sponsorship child’s life is changed forever because of one person’s generosity.

We partner with orphanages and schools that are located in the Philippines and Uganda.

Next Steps

It is very easy to start sponsoring a child. Here is what you do.


Fill out the OneThirty Sponsorship Form below. Please complete the form before setting up your donation.


Here is how you set up your recurring donation
1. Go to
2. In the box next to “One30” Type in 30.00
3. Press the button that says “Recurring” and continue to next page

Setup Donation


Once we receive your first donation of $30.00, we will send you a picture and information about your forever child. You will receive an updated picture for your child every year that you sponsor them.

Sponsorship Form

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