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Then he said, “Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all.

Mark 16:15

We are all called to do God’s good work by reaching the lost. Missions at Daystar Church believes that every person, group, & family can be involved in missions one way or another. It might not look the same, but everyone is called to do something to reach the Lost for God. We have three pillars of mission that we believe everyone can do.


At Daystar Church, we support missions partners that are across the world doing things that we can’t even imagine doing. We believe that the connection we have with them is deeper than just giving to their ministry. It is connecting with them on all different levels. One of those levels is prayer. We pray for them daily and they know that we have their “ backs” in their ministry. If you can’t give or go, please pray for our many missions partners. They truly appreciate the prays and all the words of encouragement through the connection that we have formed with them.

If you would like more information on our missions partners, please stop by our missions booth in the lobby to get a list of them, so you can pray for the individual.


Give is such a key part of how missions run. When you give to missions, your giving goes to help our missions partners around the world including here in Alabama. Our Missions partners depend on churches like Daystar to help them with a special project that is vital to their ministries. Without people giving to daystar Missions or Heart For The Kingdom, there would be many kids left on the streets, cities with no clean water, and many people who would not hear the word of God. If you can’t go, please give. If you need more information about special projects that our missions partners are doing, please visit our mission booth or follow us on Instagram at daystarmissions


“Going” the biggest step of faith anyone could take when it comes to doing the work of God. When you go, you have decided that your hands and feet are for God’s good work, and he will use them. At Daystar, we have great trips that go every year, local and overseas.  Every trip is prayed for and selected with the mindset of reach the Lost for God. Our missions trips start with a very important couple months before the trip where you will sign up in a small group for the trip. Here you will first hear about the trip and get to know about the missions partner you will be working with. We encourage every trip to meet multiple times before leaving to encourage unity and growth.


Please consider going on a trip with Daystar Church, your life will be changed forever.

Our Upcoming Missions Trips

Are you ready to take part in one of our trips?

Please look at the list of trips coming up and fill out the application at the bottom of this page. If you are not sure which trip is best for you, please email Abbey Constance at and she will help you find the right fit!

Israel Ministry Tour Trip

Leader: Sharon Turner
Dates: May 18 – 30, 2019
Price: 3700.00
First Deposit Due after application: 700.00
Details: During this Ministry Trip, You will be visiting the Jerusalem School in Bethlehem with one of our mission partners Jamison Creel. You will have the opportunity to see the work that they are doing at the school and interaction with the people involved in their program. You will also experience the Holy Land and all the site where Jesus walked. Please note to save your spot for this trip, there will be a deposit of 500.00. There are only 30 spots for this trip. If you have any question please email Abbey at

San Jose, Costa Rica

Leader: Mike and Anne Kelly
Dates: July 6-13th, 2019 Price: 1600.00
First Deposit Due after application: 200.00
Details: Team will be working at various levels of construction at the Hogar Methodist orphanage. Work may consist of heavy outdoor/indoor concrete work to indoor/outdoor painting and other finishing type work. The team will support whatever the orphanage needs at the time of the trip. This trip offers amazing views from the city of San Jose. The team will attend church at one the oldest churches in San Jose and will enjoy a fun day activity of the teams choice.


Leader: Kip Potter

Dates: Beginning of August 2019 Price: 2500.00

First Deposit Due after application: 300.00 to save a spot on the Team

Details: This team will be partnering up with Agape Ministries to host multiple site crusades in schools and areas in Davao City. The team will be dedicated to helping make these crusades smooth in setting up/ tear down but also talking/ praying for the youth of the Philippines. Anyone who has a heart for reaching the lost and experiencing what God can do in a big way, this is your trip!

Port-au-Prince Haiti working with Life Is Hope

Leader: Tom Watson

Dates: August 14-21

Price: 1300.00

website Info:

First Deposit Due after application: 100.00 to save a spot on the Team

Details: During this Ministry Trip, you will be working hand in hand with Life Is Hope at their local orphanage in Port-au-Prince. The trip will have time where you might be working construction or lifting heavy items. Please note, if you can’t do construction or lifting, there is still a spot on the team of you!

Casa Hogar Orphanage in Poza Rica, Mexico

January 2020 (no specific date yet)
Price:  $1950.00
First Deposit Due:  August 2019
Paid in Full by December 1st, 2019
Details: During this ministry trip, you will be visiting an orphanage and taking Christmas gifts to children, teens and adult workers living there.  There will also be the opportunity for work projects like cleaning, painting, repairs.  Also on this trip, there will be an opportunity for street ministry.

Do you want more information on a trip? Interested in leading a trip? Or have a great location for a team trip?

Please email: